Wear a smile and have friends.
Wear a scowl and have wrinkles.George Eliot

Dental Post Treatment Care

Your tooth coloured porcelain and resin fillings will be set hard when you leave, so you can eat and drink straight away on the affected tooth. Some sensitivity can be normal for a day or two after treatment, due to the bonding of the filling to your tooth. If you experience lasting discomfort please get in touch with us again.

Cosmetic Post Treatment Care

Chemical peels are popular for achieving smoother, less wrinkled and generally younger-looking skin. This treatment can be used to address a number of skin problems, ranging from acne and associated scaring through to sun damage and the appearance of large pores.

Initially following a chemical peel, skin can appear red, dry and irritated and will usually peel. Some swelling may also occur around the eyes. These are all completely normal side effects. Whatever you do don’t pick at flaking skin or exfoliate the treated areas, as this may cause scarring and even more redness in the new layers of skin. With all skin rejuvenating treatments you’ll want to ease your skin through any initial skin irritation:

Go easy on your skin:
If you typically use an abrasive wash cloth, opt for something softer until your skin settles down.
Soothe your skin:
While your skin is healing, chemical peels can leave your skin quite dry and vulnerable to cracking and scarring. To rehydrate your skin, apply gentle moisturiser throughout the day, as required.
Slip, slop, slap!
Chemical peels expose immature skin cells to UV harmful UV rays if left unprotected. To limit your exposure to UV rays, apply a low irritant, high SPF sunscreen across your face and neck daily.
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