Our medical grade skin treatments are designed to induce collagen and restore elasticity to the lower levels of your skin, and refresh the upper layers (or epidermis) for a brighter and more youthful appearance. We use medical grade products, sold exclusively to medical professionals.
  • Thorough and highly personalised dermal assessments
  • DermaQuest Chemical peels (high performance Mango peel, Pumpkin peel and Glycolic peel)
  • DermaQuest range of medical-grade skin care products
  • Dermastamp skin needling – leading technology in micro needling
  • Muscle / wrinkle relaxants (for improving tooth grinding and clenching, and reducing the appearance of gummy smiles and fine lines).
  • Dermal fillers (for filling depressions in the skin and creating natural looking, more plump / voluminous lips, and for reducing lipstick bleeding from fine lines around the lips).