What is trending in cosmetic dentistry?

Posted on 30 October 2018

What is trending in cosmetic dentistry? The Smile Clinique is here to give you the inside knowledge.

Fortunately, we have evolved from an age of pulling teeth and making dentures to an era of minimally-invasive dentistry where we do everything we can to keep teeth rather than extract them. Combined with rapidly changing technology, we have noticed the trends in what people want out of their dental treatments has changed. Here are our top observations on the most recent dental trends.

Combining treatments for a polished finished result

This is a particular trend that we have incorporated at The Smile Clinique. Combining different treatments can help to reduce or eliminate the need to remove part of the tooth structure.

For example, if someone wanted veneers to change the size, shape and/or colour and texture of their teeth but their teeth were crowded, we would first consider treating them with Invisalign or referring them for braces to re-position their teeth. Through doing this, when we are ready to place veneers, we are reducing very little of the tooth structure.

This will allow for strongly bonded veneers with an optimal cosmetic result. It’s a win, win situation.

Injectables as smile enhancers

The use of facial injectables in dental clinics is becoming more common. We use injectables such as wrinkle/muscle relaxers and dermal fillers to perfect cosmetic smile enhancements.
Dentists are trained to understand proportions, projections and symmetry from the early years of our studies.

Dentists in places like the UK have been the leaders in this treatment modality for many years already. We are finally catching up here in Australia!

We’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m encouraging my friends and colleagues to do the extra training and see how much more they can help their patients. I know that in the years I’ve been doing it, it has made a huge difference to smile enhancement results in my own practice.

Injectables to treat teeth grinding/clenching

There is also an increase in the number of dentists using injectables to help treat teeth grinding and clenching. It is important to remember that muscle relaxant injections were originally developed to treat excessive muscle contraction, it was by chance that a reduction in fine lines was noticeable side effect.

The trends in cosmetic dentistry are exciting for patients and dentists

Dentistry and dento-facial aesthetics is moving in a very exciting direction and we are proud to be a part of this evolution. If you would like to learn more about what is trending in cosmetic dentistry, or, would like to see how we can help you enhance your smile, contact our friendly team today.

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