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The Veneer Process

Posted on 16 July 2020

There is a common misconception out there that veneers involve grinding teeth into stumps. This is NOT true, veneers are by definition, bonded to enamel, the outer layer of the teeth.

You could liken them to false nails. In fact, did you know that acrylic nails were invented by a dentist utilising the concept of bonding veneers on teeth?

Minimal to no preparation of the teeth is required provided the teeth are well aligned. If they are not, it can be better to aligner them with clear aligners like Invisalign or braces first.

Each dental clinic will have their own approach to creating porcelain veneers. Ours is a process that involves a LOT of planning so that our patient’s expectations are not only met but more often than not, surpassed.

Step 1:

A thorough consultation and assessment of the health of the teeth, alignment, bite and aesthetics with a full-face photograph to create a customised smile design to meet the individual’s requirements.

Step 2:

Approximately 1 week later, pop in to view, discuss, adjust if required and approve your customised smile design. 3D scans of the existing teeth are taken at this visit and sent off with your smile design for the creating of a 3D print out of you veneer design.

Step 3:

Approximately 2 weeks later, preparation of the teeth for the veneers is complete and a try in of the mock-up of the veneers with any adjustments to the taste of the Dentist and patient until they look amazing!!

Moulds of the teeth to be veneered are taken.

Temporary veneers are usually not required as our preparation work is so minimal that the teeth look almost exactly the same as when you walked in the door.

Step 4:

Approximately 2 weeks later, your custom-made porcelain veneers will be ready to try in, provided you are 100% happy, they will then be cemented in place at this visit and you’re done! Dream smile achieved. If you are a teeth grinder or clincher, a night guard may be recommended to protect your new veneers, jaw joints and teeth.

Step 5:

Regular 6 monthly dental examinations and professional dental cleans to maintain the integrity of your veneers as well as your general dental health.

We hope this helps clear up a few myths! Leave us a comment if you have any questions!

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