Gummy Smile Treatment Options

Posted on 11 September 2020

I see a lot of patients who are bothered by the amount of gum they show when they smile. There are many ways to tackle this but, you must be assessed by a Dentist to know what could work for you.

Potential options could include:

  1. Gum lift – this can be done surgically for best, longest lasting results or in cases that are more minor, laser removal of tissue. Quick, easy and comfortable and easy with minimal downtime.
  2. Invisalign or braces to move teeth up. As they move up, the gum line will follow. Magical gum lift, surgery free!
  3. Facial injectables are a reversible option. Muscle relaxant injections like Botox can be used to prevent the upper lip lifting as high as it normally dies therefore showing less gum. It’s like not being able to pull the blinds up all the way to expose the window. OR lip filler to enlarge the lips and thereby cover the gums. Yes, you can do both together depending on cosmetic goals. Muscle relaxer is injections can last 1-6 months and lip filler, 6-18 months.
  4. Surgery to reposition the upper jaw. Sometimes if the upper jaw is disproportionately long, this can be helpful. Drastic but it works! Definitely case selective.

Combinations of any/all of the above can be used if deemed appropriate by a dental professional.

In the end of the day, you do you. If you love your gummy smile, embrace it and own it! If it bothers you, hopefully this blog helps to give you some information on what you could possibly do about it.

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