The In-Chair Teeth Whitening Process

The In-Chair Teeth Whitening Process

Posted on 18 September 2020

Step 1: Consultation

In chair teeth whitening must only be done if or when recommended by a Dental Professional. This is because dental grade in chair teeth whitening is very strong and you must be deemed a good candidate first.

A consultation with your Dental Professional is required as well as a review of up to date x-rays to check for any dental decay or infection that could be adversely affected by teeth whitening.

Not ALL teeth will whiten well and we must only perform this treatment when it is safe for our patients

NOTE – teeth whitening is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Step 2: Professional teeth clean

It is very important to remove build up around the teeth and gums for your dental health but also to expose your enamel so you can get the best possible results from your in-chair teeth whitening experience.

This ideally should be done in a separate visit to your teeth whitening treatment as gums can be difficult to manage straight after a professional clean. We need them to be relatively dry in order to protect them and keep you safe.

Step 3: The teeth whitening experience!

Retractors are we laced to hold lips and cheeks away from the whitening gel. Gauze is placed over your exposed soft tissues and a barrier is placed over the gums. Soft tissue protection is paramount for a safe and comfortable experience. We want to whiten you’d teeth, not your soft tissues!

At The Smile Clinique, once you are all set up, we then help you into one of our luxe, full body massage chairs, you’re welcome to watch whatever catches your fancy on Netflix or use the Bluetooth facility on the chair to play your own music, podcast or ebook.

Our professional team then safely apply the potent whitening gel to the teeth and activate it with our high powered, Zoom Lamp.

This is done in 2-4 rounds for 15 minutes per round.

Our team monitors you throughout the process to ensure you are comfortable. If you feel any sensitivity at all, just reuse a hand and treatment will can be stopped. In order to maximise comfort, if any further treatment is required you can touch up with a complimentary, custom take home whitening kit.

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