How to choose a toothbrush

Choosing the best toothbrush for you

Posted on 19 October 2020

When choosing a toothbrush, it’s best to stick to those recommended by the professionals. Why? Because there is a lot of research that has gone into trying and testing these products. They are known to work effectively.

Whether you prefer manual or electric, we’ve got you covered.

Is electric better than manual? It depends how you use them both. If you are gentle and effective at removing plaque buildup with a manual brush then go for it! Just make sure the bristles are SOFT or EXTRA SOFT to help prevent damage to the gums and teeth.

What brand? We prefer Colgate for manual toothbrushes. Nothing fancy, just a regular, soft bristled toothbrush will do the job. Use the Modified Bass Technique for best results. We will need another blog or vlog to get into this.

If you’re a little lazy with a manual toothbrush or just can’t quite grasp the technique, an electric is the best way to go. We are huge fans of Oral B electric toothbrushes. Great motor, lasts ages, gives you a fantastic clean and they look pretty flash too!

The main features that are helpful are a pressure sensor, which alerts you when you’re pressing too hard and a soft bristled or sensitive brush head. This helps prevent damaging teeth and gums.

It’s important to replace brush heads regularly. If you see a little bit of splaying if the bristles, it’s time for a new brush head!

Please do NOT scrub your teeth with an electric toothbrush. Let it do the work, it’s designed to. Just hold the brush on each individual tooth surface, a little into the gums too and clean one tooth surface of one tooth at a time.

It should take at least two minutes for an effective clean. Oral B electric toothbrushes (and many others) have timers on them.

Please remember to brush every day, morning and night to keep those tooth bugs at bay!

Look at me… I’m a poet and I didn’t know it ??❤️

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