Do you have to shave most of my teeth down to get veneers?

Posted on 17 November 2020

The answer is NO! So, here’s the thing, most people imagine veneer preparations to be grinding teeth into little, sharp looking stumps. This is a myth.

Veneer preparations are up to 0.5mm into tooth structure only and if teeth are in an optimal position, preparations can involve simply placing small grooves at where the margins of the veneers (the junction between tooth and veneer) will sit. These are to ensure the veneers have adequate thickness and strength at the margins with the best possible fit and most aesthetic results.

Veneers are by definition, bonded to enamel, the outer layer of the teeth. They are conservative, minimally invasive and highly aesthetic with fantastic strength and longevity. That’s why we love them!!!

They are the best combination of art and science that is both conservative and aligns with our core values of minimally invasive dentistry with best cosmetic results. This treatment option is a winner ??

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