Cancellation Policy

We pride ourselves on keeping our costs affordable for our patients. One way we do that is efficient use of equipment and professional staff. Missed or broken appointments represent a cost to us, and to other patients who could have been seen in the time set aside for you. They interfere with our dental practice and create unnecessary scheduling problems for other patients.

Fail to attend or Cancel without sufficient notice Fees and Charges

Step 1 $80 deposit (per hour of scheduled treatment time) will be required prior to rescheduling your appointment.
Step 2 If you fail to attend your next appointment OR cancel inside of 48 hours’ notice your deposit will be allocated to a missed appointment charge.
Step 3 A further $80 deposit (per hour of scheduled treatment time) will be required prior to rescheduling your appointment.

Arriving Late

In order to provide a fair and timely service to all of our patients, we require that patients, who have made a booking, arrive promptly for their appointment. Arriving late will rob you of precious treatment minutes, as each session will be finished exactly on time as a courtesy to our next patient.

We fully understand that sometimes being late is outside of your control and as such we will always do our best to accommodate late arrivals by performing the most complete treatment possible in the time remaining.

If your appointment time becomes inconvenient for you, we are always happy to change it if you provide us with at least 48 hours’ notice. This allows us to schedule in a patient who may be in urgent need of care. Unfortunately, arriving too late to perform the treatment will result in a missed appointment fee of $80 per hour of appointment time.


When you make an appointment at The Smile Clinique, that time is reserved exclusively for you. We do not double book patients; we schedule appointments for one patient, dedicating our resources to that patient for that time slot.

If you need to cancel your appointment:
Please call us on (08) 6558 0595 or email us at [email protected] We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

As a courtesy we endeavour to send SMS reminders leading up to your appointments, however please bear in mind that if you do not receive a reminder notice, your appointment remains your responsibility to either attend or to reschedule with at least 48 hours’ notice.

We also may reserve the right to charge the cost of the treatment upfront before making another appointment. This is only done if there are several cancellations. Please understand that we consider this a last resort, with the real motivating factor being our concern for the quality of service we are able to provide to you and to our other valued patients.

Thank You for Your Cooperation and Understanding