Chemical Peels Perth

Chemical Peels

Is your skin looking tired, thirsty and old? Together with DermaQuest, we have a chemical peel to bring it back to life.

Discover DermaQuest’s range of age-defying power peels

Using DermaQuest as our base, we craft our innovative and effective skin treatments with your skincare concerns at the top of our priority list. DermaQuest’s chemical peels can transform, revive and rejuvenate you skin while working simultaneously with therapeutic masks to powerfully rescue and repair even the most extreme cases of acne and ‘bad skin’. The Smile Clinique favours three of DermaQuest’s treatments due to their popularity and fantastic results:

Essential Enzyme Treatment

Excellent for all skin types, this introductory treatment helps us to get to know your skin and test its sensitivity. Gently exfoliating the skin, this 30-minute treatment uses enzymes to firm the skin. DermaQuest’s Essential Enzyme treatment is great for dull, tired looking skin and can help stimulate your skin cells, softening and bring bounce back to the skin.

DermaQuest Mango Peel

Aimed to help lighten the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots, this exfoliation treatment uses acids and mango pulp to create a brightening response on the skin. This 30-minute peel is DermaQuest’s newest peel and can quickly achieve glowing and bright skin. Benefits include improving skin brightness, lightening the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots, refining the appearance of wrinkles, decreasing current acne, preventing acne lesions, evening skin tone and stimulating the skin.

DermaQuest Pumpkin Peel

Created for age management, acne and pigmented skin. This exfoliation pumpkin peel uses pumpkin pulp and acid to create a strong heated-generated response to the skin. Fine lines look softer, pigmentation looks lighter and pimples are zapped away in moments. Known as DermaQuest’s most talked-about peel, we recommend the pumpkin peel as it can improve the skins hydration, supports the barrier function of the skin, refines the appearance of wrinkles, decreases existing acne, evens the skin tones and stimulates the skin in just 30 minutes.

Glycolic Acid with Stem Cells Peel

This glycolic acid peel treatment helps increase the rate of cellular turnover and is thus excellent for age management. Your skin may look healthier, dewier and radiant after this deep exfoliation treatment. Plant stem cells feature in this unique procedure and these prevent irritation from the glycolic acid which therefore reduces sensitivity, irritation and downtime. It’s an instant skin refresher which benefits include improved skin hydration, improved barrier function of the skin, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evening out of the skin tone and stimulating the skin. Take just 30 minutes of your day and return with a renewed and healthier looking face.

Complex Acid Peel (TCA Peel)

During this 30-minute treatment, get ready for your skin to be deeply exfoliated. Designed to help those suffering from stubborn melasma, this treatment can help remove dark pigmentation. This must be one of the best peels to treat melasma. Before coming in for your treatment, it is important that your skin is hydrated and balanced for optimal results.

SkinBrite Peel

This deeply exfoliating treatment is perfect for those suffering from pigmentation and dark spots. The Skinbrite Peel uses acids to physically shed the skin. Not only does this peel improve skin brightness and lighten the appearance of pigmentation, it also stimulates the skin to help refine the appearance of wrinkles, decrease existing acne, assist in preventing new acne lesions and even skin tone.

Skin Peels in Perth

At The Smile Clinique, we will not only address all your skin-related needs, we also want to pamper you! Contact us today to find out what skin peel will help you restore and replenish your skin.

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