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Crowns and Bridges

Bridge the gap in your smile with natural-looking crowns and bridges from The Smile Clinique

Don a royal smile with crowns and bridges from The Smile Clinique


Got damaged or decay teeth you would like to repair and restore? Give that ‘pearly white’ a crown, fixed by our dentist. You’ll forget what your original tooth ever looked like. Permanently fixed by covering it with a ‘cap’, a crown is often used to either reinforce, protect, replace or cover a weak, broken, discoloured or poorly shaped teeth.


Much like we build bridges to join one piece of land to another, bridges in your mouth fill the gap of ‘no man’s land’ between two teeth. Missing teeth often throw our mouths out of equilibrium and they therefore shift to compensate for the gap. Determined to punish you for losing a tooth, our body often reacts with unwanted shifting or collapsing of teeth around the space and overloading of surrounding teeth which are picking up the slack of the missing tooth or TMJ disorders (Temporomandibular disorders that occur if there is a problem with the jaw, its joint or any surrounding facial muscles). It’s a bit like taking a book off a book shelf, all the other books start to collapse around it.

Our dentists can build a prosthetic bridge to stop your remaining teeth from shifting and evenly distribute biting and chewing forces to prevent damage to neighbouring teeth. This is done by covering the empty space where the teeth are missing and fixing the bridge to the surrounding natural or implanted teeth. The Smile Clinique’s dental team are ready and waiting when you’re ready to find out more. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

Crowns and Bridges Perth

If you have gaps in your smile, it could cause your other teeth to move and shift. A crown or bridge could be your solution to restoring a beautiful smile. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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