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It is possible to achieve healthy, glowing skin with our luxurious skin treatments

At The Smile Clinique, we put your skin health, oral health and even your mental health first. Our treatment plans are more holistic, placing emphasis on health and confidence from the inside out to help you not only look amazing, but to feel amazing too. Our treatments are aimed at restoring hydration and elasticity to your skin. Our techniques seek to refresh the skin from the deepest layer, the dermis, all the way to the surface layer, the epidermis, to produce a brighter, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Let us assess the status of your skin in one of our personalised dermal assessments and tailor a treatment plan designed just for you. Using DermaQuest’s superior range of medical grade products, we offer chemical peels, skin needling and, wrinkle relaxer injections and dermal fillers for a well-rounded, natural looking result that will last. Cosmetic injectable treatments can be minimal and produce a more natural looking result when skin health is at its best.

Using our hands as our tools, we proudly promote the following cosmetic skin treatments:

Skin Treatments Perth

Whether you’re looking for a non-invasive lift, wrinkle fill, or merely a smile that genuinely shines, we are certain to have an answer to your skins needs. Contact us today to book your consultation with Dr Sarah Varma.

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