Dental Examination & X-Rays, Perth

Examination & X-Rays

Avoid a dental emergency

Getting a regular oral exam and x-rays is the best way to keep your smile sparkling.

What happens in a dental exam?

The Australian Dental Association recommends getting a dental exam every 6-months to make sure that your teeth are healthy. An examination is usually quick, taking no longer than an hour from start to finish.

During this time, Dr Varma will review your X-Rays, conduct a visual exam and look for inflammation, bleeding, periodontal pockets and calculus around and under the gum line. She will also check both the outside and inside of your mouth, your tongue and any other soft tissues.

If Dr Varma notices any serious issues, she may refer you to a specialist.

Your regular oral exam is also a great time to ask Dr Varma any questions or to raise any concerns that you may have.

It is also the best way to ensure your treatment in well maintained and that any issues with your teeth and mouth are dealt with before they become problematic.

A holistic approach to dentistry

At The Smile Clinique, we understand some people can feel a little bit anxious when visiting the dentist. This is why we do not just believe in treating your teeth and mouth, we want to treat you as a whole. We use a range of techniques to help you manage your dental fears and anxieties. Some of these include a soothing eye mask, music played through Beats headphones and aromatherapy. You can even catch up on your favourite TV shows on Netflix!

We also support healthy lifestyle changes including diet, regular exercise, smoking cessation, mediation, yoga and much more to help our patients from the inside out.

To learn more about our holistic dentistry treatments, click here.

Dental X-rays at The Smile Clinique

Our X-ray equipment is completely digital. This means that any radiation associated with these images is lower than that of a conventional X-rays. If you are concerned about receiving X-rays, we encourage you to speak to our friendly team however, at The Smile Clinique, we have protective measures in place to ensure your safety, so you have nothing to worry about!

Check-up and Clean, Perth

If you are overdue for your regular dental exam, book an appointment at The Smile Clinique. Our unique, holistic approach to your treatment will have you forgetting that you are even at the dentist.

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