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Gum Treatments

Gums got you feeling glum? The Smile Clinique’s gum treatments are all for making you smile.

Are your gums making you glum?

The vitality and general health of our gums is so important for overall oral wellbeing. Our gums are like the foundations for the house that is our smile. Periodontal, or gum, disease, is a common and serious finding. At The Smile Clinique we are proud to assist our patients with any and all of their gummy glitches. From oral issues like gum disease to treating what some may consider a ‘gummy smile’, our team has what it takes to treat your overall dental health both now, and in the long term.

So, what is gum or periodontal disease?

Gum disease is an infection. The tissues that hold your teeth in place are infected and a sticky film of bacteria (also known as plaque), covers the teeth and it hardens. Caused mainly by irregular or incorrect brushing and flossing technique, periodontal disease can lead to many other oral problems including sore and bleeding gums, pain when chewing and even teeth falling out. If left untreated, gingivitis (incorrect – gingivitis comes before periodontal disease)will occur – causing foul-smelling breath – and the plaque and tartar build-up may lead to receding gums and periodontal pockets. Contact one of our dental experts at The Smile Clinique today and find out how we can remove disease causing plaque and tartar through thorough, professional cleaning to get your smile back.

Gum Disease Treatment

Supported by our team at The Smile Clinique, we can help treat your gum disease and assist in future maintenance to prevent its’ return. The most important and initial step is to get the infection under control. There are various ways to tackle this based on the severity of the disease. It is up to patient to ensure constant daily oral hygiene and maintenance at home. The Smile Clinique team can offer you non-surgical gum disease treatment.

This non-surgical route is known as scaling and root planning (or SRP). Depending on the severity of the gum disease, this may be an option. Our dentist or oral hygienist will scrape and remove as much plaque and tartar off your teeth and then scaling your root surfaces until they are smooth and bacteria-free. We may consider using a local anaesthetic or a topical numbing cream for this procedure and you may have to come back once or twice more. SRP will aid your gums in healing naturally whilst reattaching themselves to now clean and healthy teeth surfaces. We’d suggest you swing by the practice again in a few weeks so we can monitor your recovery. If your gum disease cannot be fixed through non-surgical treatment, we will refer you to our preferred specialist.

‘Gummy Smile’ Treatment

If your gums are the most prominent thing in your smile, turn to our team at The Smile Clinique. We guarantee it isn’t as bad as you think, and we’ve got the skills and experience to make you want to ‘show some teeth’. ‘Gummy smiles’ are known to be genetic and can occur due to either a short upper lip, small teeth, excess bone in the upper jaw, position of the teeth in the bone or even too much gum tissue. At The Smile Clinique in Perth, we want our patients to smile from the heart and it is our mission to work with our patients to create a plan that will meet their needs. If you feel your smile may be ‘gummy’, contact us now to discuss our range of solutions.

We offer two poplar and non-permanent treatments for that ‘gummy smile’, both of which will depend on you, our valued patient:

Muscle Relaxer Injections:

With a very low dose of muscle relaxer injected next to the nostrils, the elevator muscles that can cause or exacerbate a ‘gummy smile’ are softened but not frozen so you can still smile but the muscles do not pull up as much as they used to. You should start to see full results in about two weeks and the muscle relaxant injection normally lasts about 3 to 6 months after which intermittent top-up injections may be needed.

Lip-filler Injections:

Quick and to the point, a lip-filler injection involves inserting a dermal filler into the upper section of your lip or in some cases both upper and lower sections, to reduce the appearance of gums when you smile. Ultimately, lip fillers change the height of your upper lip so others see less gum when you smile. These lip-fillers give volume to whichever section of the lip into which they are injected and, as a bonus, they can help to reduce fine lines and improve symmetry and facial proportions.

Often, we will use a combination of the above to create the perfect balance for our patients.

Curious to find out more about our ‘gummy smile’ solutions for your smile? Contact us to discuss your range of options.

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