Holistic Dentistry Perth

Holistic Dentistry

Treating not just your teeth, but all of you

We believe in the importance of offering our clients holistic dentistry services

This means that our team is dedicated to treating not just your teeth, but all of you.

So, for example, if you suffer from anxiety, we will find ways to address the cause of your feelings and provide a calm environment. If you have noticed that your teeth have become stained, we’ll take a look at your diet and determine if you are eating too many foods that could be causing discolouration. Put simply, our holistic approach treats much more than your symptoms — we look at all contributing factors before formulating a treatment plan best suited to your needs.

We’ve transformed our clinic

As part of our holistic approach to dentistry, we have transformed our clinic into a space that helps to reduce the anxiety so often experienced at dental visits. Designed like a lounge, our waiting room feels comfortable and relaxed, and we use scented oils and meditative music to give our clinic a soothing atmosphere. We offer our patients tea and coffee, as well as chamomile to those who feel particularly anxious. We even have a special massage chair available to reduce our patients’ tension.

We understand that each patient is different, and that there could be any number of factors contributing to dental anxiety or a particular oral health issue. So, we take time to find out more about each individual and gently investigate possible triggers and causes while we chat.

It’s very important to us that each person is treated holistically — so often a problem can be effectively dealt with by taking a well-rounded, inclusive look at one’s circumstances and overall health.

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