Patient Resources

New patients


On arrival, we will ask you to complete electronic registration – be sure to inform us of any medical conditions you have, and any medication you are currently taking. Contact us to complete registration ahead of arriving.

Getting here

If you are driving to The Smile Clinique for your treatment, there are a couple different options for parking.

There is on-street parking (McCourt Street) in front of our practice.

There is also the option of paid parking between the hours of 8am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday. This is located on the corner of Turvey Lane and 330 Railway Parade, West Leederville. This car park uses state-of-the-art licence plate recognition technology so the barrier will automatically open and record your registration number as you drive into the car park. There is an option to pre-pay for parking or you can pay on the day.

We are also just a short walk from Subiaco Train Station.


Dental Post Treatment Care

Porcelain Veneers

Once our teeth have been prepared for porcelain veneers, you may have temporary veneers made from a mock-up of your teeth to wear for two weeks until the real deal is ready to go. Once cemented in place, you porcelain veneers will be at maximum strength and ready for full function, not to mention flashing your new, beautiful, confident smile.

Teeth whitening

After your premium, Pola Office in chair teeth whitening we advise that you avoid eating or drinking anything that could stain a white shirt (e.g. tea, coffee, red wine, berries anything containing turmeric) and the use of GC Tooth Mousse to strengthen and re-mineralise your teeth after whitening. This product contains casein phosphopeptide. A molecule, similar to that found in milk, designed to penetrate the enamel layer of teeth and rebuild the structure for longer lasting results and improved dental health with reduced risk of dental cavities. It’s a win win situation! We also provide written dietary guidelines for the 48-hour period to help you navigate your diet for the next two days. You may or may not experience post treatment sensitivity. IF you do, the sensation feels like and electric pulse that comes and goes. This does not usually last any longer than 24 hours if that in our years of experience with Pola. We can also prescribe pain medication if you are concerned about the possibility of experiencing post treatment sensitivity. We have you covered for all scenarios.


Your tooth coloured porcelain and resin fillings will be set hard when you leave, so you can eat and drink straight away on the affected tooth. Some sensitivity can be normal for a day or two after treatment, due to the bonding of the filling to your tooth. If you experience lasting discomfort please get in touch with us again.

Crowns and bridges, inalys and onlays

These types of restorations are made in a laboratory which usually involves a two week turnaround time. In the meantime, a temporary restoration will be fabricated and placed on the tooth or teeth to maintain spaces, the bite and to minimise or prevent sensitivity. We advise our patients to go Once cemented, these restorations are at full strength and ready to function!

Some sensitivity may be present for the first few days as the restoration settles however if this persists, it is important to have the area examined, it could be as simple as a 10 mintue appointment to polish down the biting surface of the restoration if it is getting the in the way when you bite together, chew or grind/clench your teeth together. We find that patients who grind or clench their teeth tend to have a more sensitive bite that may require a little more TLC but that’s what we are here for.

Local anaesthetic

Numbness can last for a few hours after treatment, for come who metabolise it more slowly, it may last a while longer and for those who metabolise it very quickly, it may dissipate soon after your appointment. The important thing to remember is to avoid hot drinks and chewy foods while you feel numb to avoid biting your cheek, lips and tongue or burning the inside of your mouth.

Wrinkle Relaxers

After treatment, it is important to steer clear of extreme temperatures and pressures for a week e.g saunas or excessive sun exposre.Do not massage or manipulate the area for 24 hours including facials, applying and removing makeup and washing vigorously Avoid air travel, exercise and alcohol for 24 hours and eating until numbness has worn off. Try to avoid laying down including massages and sleep for 5 hours.It is best to avoid anti-inflammatory medications and blood thinning medications, for 24 hours if possible. However, when it comes to medications, we may need to liaise with your medical practitioner to ensure your safety.Avoid facials, peels, laser treatments etc. for two weeksTry to avoid touching the injected area to avoid moving it into another muscle which may affect your results. We review our patients at the two week mark to ensure the treatment has worked effectively and offer a 5 unit free top up for any tweaking that may perfect your result.

Dermal Fillers

After dermal fillers you may notice some bruising and swelling. This varies from person to person, we have had many patients who have not bruised at all and other who have. This is due to the position of your blood vessels. To minimise or prevent bruising, we use ice packs on the area to reduce blood flow prior to injecting and advice Arnica tablets or cream post treatment until the bruising has gone. It is a herbal remedy that works well for reducing bruising and swelling. We also advise loose baby wipes to be placed in the freezer and used on and off the affected area to aid with any swelling. They are light in weight so they will not push the filler anywhere it is not supposed to be. All post-operative instructions that apply to wrinkle relaxer treatments as above, also apply to our patients who have has dermal filler treatment.

Chemical peels

For our lighter treatments such as Mango and Pumpkin Resurfacer peels and our Enzyme Treatments, post treatment effects are minimal to none however after our stronger peels, we recommend avoiding heavy exercise and high temperatures, having your hair coloured, scrubbing, rubbing or picking at the skin and skin care products with highly active ingredients such as Vitamin A, C or AHAs (Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic acids) or highly perfumed products for approximately 7 days or until the skin is completely healed. Avoid direct sun exposure and use SPF moisturiser for a minimum of 3 days post treatment and to avoid makeup for 48 hours but if required, use organic/mineral makeup and remove it before bed.

Skin needling

It is important not to touch your skin for the first hour post treatment, this includes cuddling pets where your face may contact them as the skin is open during this time as you may risk infection of the skin. You may apply mineral makeup if required 1-2 hours after treatment. The makeup should be applies with clean hands or a clean cotton pad, do not use makeup brushed unless they have been adequately disinfected first. IT is recommended to avoid contact with highly active ingredients such as Vitamin A, C or AHAs (Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic acids) or highly perfumed products. Post treatment infections are very rare, especially if post treatment instructions are carefully followed but in case of any sign of infection, please contact our team as soon as possible.