Root Canal Therapy Perth

Root Canal Therapy

Alleviate pain and maintain your natural teeth with root canal therapy

Perth Root Canal Therapy

Let’s get to the root of your problem with The Smile Clinique’s root canal therapy

A root canal may be your one and only option if you have an infected tooth that needs to be treated immediately. The infection normally lies deep within the tooth and the pulp inside the tooth is infected with bacteria that may have occurred through injury or a severe cavity that hasn’t been dealt with. Root canal therapy has a bad reputation and patients believe it’s a painful and horrible experience. At The Smile Clinique, we are on a mission to change this perception. With the assistance of a trusted anaesthetic, we aim to have you walk out the clinic beaming from ear to ear. Techniques for root canal therapy have evolved drastically so patients can look forward to a relatively comfortable experience that may only require a few trips to the dentist for this particular pesky infection treatment. Most of our patients enjoy a bit of a snooze during their treatment. Hard to believe but true! If you would like to know more about root canal therapy, and how The Smile Clinique can help you, contact us today.

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