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Scale & Cleans

A teeth clean to leave you smiling all day long

At The Smile Clinique, our team of professionals can perform a scale and clean to leave you with that fresh teeth feeling.

Overtime, tartar and plaque can begin to build up, which can significantly damage your enamel and potentially lead to gingivitis or even gum disease.

Even if you brush and floss twice daily, this alone will not remove the plaque once it calcifies. During your dental examination, your teeth and gums will be assessed to determine if you require a teeth clean.

How is a scale and clean performed?

At The Smile Clinique, we have an array of advanced dental technology to clean your teeth and get you ready for any of our cosmetic and restorative treatments.

During a scale and clean, most patients require the use of:

Ultrasonic hand piece

This uses vibrations to remove larger pieces of tartar from your teeth while spraying a cooling mist of water to wash away any debris. A suction tip is used at the same time to catch the excess water and keep you feeling comfortable.


This array of small, hand-held tools are used to remove the smaller deposits of tartar on your teeth and beneath the gumline. Each tooth is scaled individually to ensure that all the tartar is properly removed.


After the plaque and tartar has been removed, your teeth will be professionally polished with a slow speed hand piece. This will leave your teeth super smooth and clean.

Prophylaxis paste

Containing a combination of both cleaning and polishing agents, this special dental paste helps remove any stains on your teeth. This paste is scooped onto a rubber cup that is attached to the slow speed polishing hand piece just before your teeth are polished.


To finish your treatment, a fluoride solution will be applied to your teeth. This is to help strengthen your teeth as the tartar and plaque that was removed may have weakened the surface.

Dental Scale and Clean Perth

Dr Varma and the Australian Dental Association recommend that patients receive a scale and clean every six months. However, this can vary based on your individual needs. To book your scale and clean, contact our friendly team today.

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