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Sedation Dentistry

Kick up your feet and relax in the dentist’s chair with our latest offerings in sedation dentistry.

Relax in the dentist’s chair with sedation dentistry

Many people have a serious phobia of visiting the dentist, to a point that they may put off routine check-ups and cleans. If the thought of seeing your dentist gives you chills, sedation dentistry may be the solution you’re looking for. It’s painless, calming and effective and is a popular option for calming the nerves of anxious and fearful patients to our practice.

What is sedation dentistry?

There is a wide variety of sedation options that are being offered to help patients relax. These range from nitrous oxide (known as ‘laughing gas’) to general anaesthesia and all help a patient to relax during their surgery or treatment. From a treatment as simple as a simple tooth cleaning to invasive procedures, sedation dentistry is ensuring society has no excuses not to visit the dentist regularly. While sedation dentistry can sometimes be called “sleep dentistry”, this term is not accurate as, most times, patients are awake even while being sedated. Let’s look at the levels of sedation that are used:

  • Minimal sedation: you are awake, but relaxed and calm.
  • Moderate sedation (sometimes called “conscious sedation”): you may slur your words and not remember much of the procedure.
  • Deep sedation: you’re bordering consciousness but can still be woken up.
  • General anesthesia: you’re “out cold” and therefore completely unconscious.

What types of sedation are used for dentistry?

The Smile Clinique experience is all about comfort and maximum relaxation, and Dr Sarah Varma and her team want you to have a memorable dental experience from the moment you arrive. We therefore offer a variety of sedation methods that are suitable to your requirements:

Oral sedation: This type involves you swallowing a pill called Halcion, which is part of the same drug family as Valium. Ranging from minimal to moderate, oral sedation doses will be determined by your dentist. Halcion is taken about an hour before your procedure and will make you drowsy but not necessarily sleepy. If a larger dosage is given to you, you may fall asleep during the procedure but can be woken up with a gentle shake. Dr Varma will let you know if this type of anaesthesia is suitable for your feelings of anxiety.

IV moderate sedation: Here anaesthetic is dispensed through a drip in a vein in your arm so it goes to work almost instantly. We organise this type of sedation with an anaesthetist who will come to the clinic for your treatment and monitor you through the entire procedure. Rest assured that you will be in great care.

Benefits of sedation dentistry

The benefit of sedation dentistry is that most patients only feel a few moments of their treatment, where it may have taken hours to perform. This means that extensive dental procedures including smile makeovers and rebuilding that would previously require a few appointments, can now be done in just one or two.

Sedation dentistry is changing the way we view a visit to the dentist and now you can achieve the smile you’ve always hoped for, knowing that you can remain calm and relaxed throughout your visit. Because this form of sedation makes patients feel at peace, they are also more likely to stick to their routine six-monthly check-ups even if there are some complications that need to be addressed.

Dr Varma and The Smile Clinique team want every patient to experience a dental visit with a difference. Practicing holistic styles from start to finish, it makes sense that The Smile Clinique offers sedation dentistry to make every patient feel completely relaxed and pandered to. If you’re looking for a dental practice that puts your needs first, contact the team today and find out more about our sedation options.

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