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Splints and Night Guards

Waking up with a pounding headache or sore, stiff jaw? You could be grinding and clenching instead of dreaming and dozing.

With The Smile Clinique’s oral treatments for clenching and grinding, you’ll be in La La Land before your jaw hits the pillow

Bruxism, as it’s commonly known, happens when we grind our teeth. Unfortunately, most of us do this in our sleep and therefore never even know. Should you wake up with either a stiff, tight jaw, neck pain or a pounding headache, you may grind or clench your teeth during sleep. In severe cases of continuous teeth grinding, your teeth may fracture, loosen or even fall out. Some of your teeth may be worn down to merely stumps. This is where procedures such as dental implants, root canals, bridges, crowns and possibly even partial or full dentures may be some solutions. At The Smile Clinique, we take this seriously and prefer to look at your teeth grinding habit from a rounded point of view. After a thorough consultation, examining the possible causes of these habits in your sleep, we may suggest one or several of the following treatments:

Splints and Night Guards

Ever heard of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) or TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders – the jaw joint/muscle pain and headaches you experience when clenching/grinding)?

No? Well don’t worry – it’s all just dentist jargon anyway. There has been a lot of chatter amongst the dental industry around TMD treatment. At The Smile Clinique, we offer a holistic approach and treatment options. Muscle relaxant injections can be used in the body of the major teeth grinding muscles, called masseter muscles. Within about two weeks, these muscles will start to relax, preventing them from causing damage from excessive teeth grinding and clenching. Results will usually last between four to six months, but this varies from case to case.

If you suffer with clenching, grinding or bruxism, why don’t you pop into the practice and have an in-depth discussion with us around the TMD Therapy approach we offer?

Lifestyle changes

We encourage our patients to consider treating the root cause of their teeth clenching or grinding habit which is quite often, stress. We recommend our patients adopt relaxation techniques whether it be a daily swim, regular yoga classes, daily meditation, even just five minutes a day, floatation sessions in a bath with high magnesium salt content to encourage muscle relaxation or even hypnotherapy to help manage day to day stresses and anxieties. The above treatments are merely band aids. It is important to manage the true cause of the problem. We believe in treating our patients holistically, not just isolating one part of the body.

Splints and Night Guards Perth

To learn more about solutions to teeth clinching and grinding or to book your appointment, contact The Smile Clinique today.

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