Achieve a fresh, natural look that will compliment your features, not change them

Dermal fillers are used for filling depressions in the skin to restore a loss of volume or simply increase volume to sculpt the face to enhance certain features. Dermal fillers are a common and non-permanent procedure that involves hyaluronic acid gel being injected into areas of the face for a fresh faced, natural looking result.

Injectables can add shape, structure, volume and even symmetry with results lasting up to a year.

Here at The Smile Clinique, we take time to talk with you and find out the sort of results you desire so we can tailor a plan to suit your needs. We believe every individual should be treated this way and it is our job to ensure we help meet your needs while maintaining your unique, natural beauty. This requires a delicate balance of art and science and a whole lot of passion for our work.

Benefits of dermal fillers

  • Being able to control how much lip volume you desire within the realms of what is safe for your body. Having a highly trained professional to assess and control where the filler is placed, will help minimise any risks and maximise aesthetic results.
  • You decide the pace at which your fillers are injected. Want fuller lips over the next three months? Great, we can help you plan it in your own time to suit your lifestyle and your wallet.
  • They are not permanent which gives you the option of letting them dissolve out over time. This is convenient as you can change the position of the filler over time for precision sculpting that meets your needs.
  • Our premium quality dermal fillers are certainly long lasting. Depending on how you wish to execute your fillers, they can last up to a year before we need to see you again.

Dermal Fillers in Perth

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Dr. Varma today to find out more information on our range of lip fillers that can help you achieve the pout of your dreams.