General Dentistry Perth

General Dentistry

Anything but ‘general’! At The Smile Clinique, every routine check-up is an experience.

Scared to say ‘Ah’? Our regular checkups will leave you speechless.

Routine annual dental check-ups should not be intimidating or stir dread. At The Smile Clinique, we’re committed to making all our patients, young and old alike, feel like royalty. These experiences are designed to include a full diagnosis of your mouth, followed by a carefully planned and detailed treatment plan and providing any other information that may add to your overall health.

We’re in the business of keeping you smiling and we can only stick to our end of the deal if you, our valued patient, come in for regular check-ups and cleans. By visiting The Smile Clinique on a 6-monthly basis, we can ensure your teeth are well-maintained and in their best possible condition. These regular check-ups will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease and maintain any cosmetic treatment we may have previously completed for you.

Including cleaning, scaling and brushing, our bi-annual check ups are will leave you feeling less anxious, more relaxed and smiling at the thought of the next one. Looking to jump into our ‘hot seat’? Contact us to find out more.

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