General Dentistry

Foundations are key! You cannot build a house on weak foundations. In the same way, your teeth and gums must be strong and healthy to commence your cosmetic smile journey.
This includes treatments like professional dental cleans, fillings, crowns, root canals, preventive dental care and much more. We offer a range of treatments to create a healthy mouth for best, long lasting results.

The Smile Clinique offer same day crowns and bridges.
We offer same day crowns, bridges and porcelain fillings using state of the art Cerec technology. We know your time is important and have invested in the best equipment so you can say goodbye to long wait times of 2-4 weeks for your final ceramic work. Relax in our luxe massage chairs or pop out for a sunny walk while we make your crowns and porcelain fillings in house using 3d scans and milling technology and cement them for you the very same day!

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