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Want a whiter smile? The Smile Clinique and Pola are the perfect match.

The Smile Clinique and Pola Whitening are the perfect match to achieving pearly whites

We’re happy to say that The Smile Clinique is a proud Pola tooth-whitening systems user. Never heard of Pola? Pola is a system that whitens the discolouration in the enamel of your teeth.

Pola teeth whitening targets enamel that may have been stained or discoloured due to age, coffee, red wine, tobacco and coloured foods and drinks. Pola’s Day and Night products use re-mineralising agents to improve and protect the surface of your teeth. They also have a unique high-water content formulation which is neutral in its pH and viscosity so your gums are protected during treatment, making it safe and convenient. All of The Smile Clinique’s products are Australian made and premium quality.

At The Smile Clinique, we offer three different teeth whitening packages.

Platinum in chair whitening package

This includes a luxurious massage in our top of the range, heated massage chair with warm, fuzzy socks to take home, a soft blanket and aromatherapy. The package includes our premium in chair whitening experience with a custom made, take home whitening kit.

Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes

Gold in chair booster whitening package

This treatment has been specifically designed to help you maintain your sparkling white results. It includes a 40-minute express in chair whitening appointment with LED light activation, a luxurious massage in our top of the range, heated massage chair, warm, fuzzy socks to take home and calming aromatherapy.

Retractors are placed with three, eight-minute rounds of whitening with LED light, painted on by clinician.

Duration – 40mins in chair

Silver whitening package

In this package you will receive a custom made, take home kit. During your fifteen-minute appointment in our comfortable clinic with aromatherapy, our friendly team will be available to answer any questions about the use of your kit.

Group teeth whitening benefits

Teeth whitening package

We are offering in chair teeth whitening for $699 per person when 2 people book together (valued at $990 per person). This includes a custom made take-home whitening kit per person. For group bookings of 4 or more, the cost comes down to $599 per person. Please note that if you have private health insurance, they will most likely cover a portion of the cost for you.

All services provided in the chair are done so in a calm environment with aromatherapy, the option of watching your favourite TV show, a movie on Netflix or simply listening to your preferred music with comfortable, noise reducing, Beats headphones. You will also have the option of wearing a cooling gel eye mask to get you really relaxed!

Professional Teeth Whitening in Perth

The best way to assess which treatment option is right for you is to come in and have a consultation with Dr Varma where she can examine your teeth, check their health and then provide you with options suitable for you. It may also be possible for us to give you a quote from your private health fund (if you have one) on the day of your consult so that you know exactly what you will be getting back from them.

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