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Want a whiter smile? The Smile Clinique and Pola are the perfect match.

The Smile Clinique and Phillips Zoom Whitening are the perfect match to achieving pearly whites

We’re happy to say that The Smile Clinique is a proud Phillips Zoom Whitening tooth-whitening systems user. Never heard of Phillips Zoom Whitening? Phillips Zoom Whitening is a system that whitens the discolouration in the enamel of your teeth.

Phillips Zoom Whitening targets enamel that may have been stained or discoloured due to age, coffee, red wine, tobacco and coloured foods and drinks. All of The Smile Clinique’s products are Australian made and premium quality.

At The Smile Clinique, we offer three different teeth whitening packages.

Platinum in chair whitening package

 2 hour relaxing appointment where we do it all for you as you watch Netflix and enjoy our luxurious, top of the range massage chairs . Using the best in teeth whitening products with LED light a duration and that care and expertise to match. For those who are on the go or maybe don’t want to give up coffee for more than two days.

Duration – 2 hours

Take home whitening package

We make custom teeth kits using 3D models of your teeth. These comfortable, small kits are easy to use and take approximately two weeks for best results.

This requires a 15 minute appointment to take 3D scans of your teeth and a quick pick up as soon as your kit is ready to go!

Professional Teeth Whitening in Perth

The best way to assess which treatment option is right for you is to come in and have a consultation with Dr Varma where she can examine your teeth, check their health and then provide you with options suitable for you. It may also be possible for us to give you a quote from your private health fund (if you have one) on the day of your consult so that you know exactly what you will be getting back from them.

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